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custom enhancements

Our Custom Wedding Enhancements are the basis of creating the vision you have for your celebration. Here you will find building blocks that you can add a la carte style to finely tune in the exact look and feel you have always dreamed of. The listed enhancements are only a few of the more popular options we have. Visit us today to see what we could not list here for some truly awe inspiring creations.

Lee & Jessica 362.jpg

ceremony audio support

CEREMONY AUDIO: Whether its an intimate setting of 25 guests or a grand audience of 1000+, ensuring that everyone in attendance can hear your vows is usually the fist element of audio support you will need for your day. If your ceremony is at your venue or an outdoor location, Icon can ensure crystal clear audio. Ranges from $175 - $395


venue uplighting

UPLIGHTING: These are the workhorse of the lighting world due to their flexibility and versatility. We can completely transform the look and feel of any room or space with the push of a button and our uplighting units are 100% wireless. We can set an ambient color for cocktails and dinner, turn on the whites for the slow dances and then have them change with the beat of the music during your dance party. Starting at $55 per fixture

Wedding Experience-106.jpg

custom monograms

MONOGRAMS: See your name in lights! Your monogram is custom and unique to you. Each one is custom made to your design and we even have templates to help through the design process. $350

Wedding Experience-136.jpg

pinspot lighting

PINSPOTS: Pin Spot Lighting is used to highlight all of the details and decor that you have worked hard to create and they come with a big pay off.  They provide so much value in enhancing your pictures and we guarantee if you ask any floral designer or photographer their opinion on pinspots that they will absolutely recommend this type of enhancement for your reception. Starting at $55 per fixture

Wedding Experience-170.jpg

photo booths

PHOTOBOOTHS: These have come such a long way from the days of the old booth that you would try to cram people into and only fit 3-4. Our slim booth offers the open backdrop concept, our selfie mirror is what you see above, our spinvue 360 takes 360 video, we have light painting, GIFs, Boomerangs and you name it. Come try it out in person. Starting at $695

Mikhael Wedding-995.jpg

intelligent lighting

INTELLIGENT LIGHTING: Cast spotlights onto your grand entrance, first dance and even your cake cutting. This enhancement takes DJ lighting to a whole new level, giving your wedding the look and feel of a very high end, elegant venue regardless of location. The only limitation of intelligent lighting is your imagination! With the use of a computer controller, we can control the patterns, speed, color and other functionality of the light fixtures. The colors are brighter, more vivid, and offer more combinations than ordinary lighting. Starting at $500


and more......

We have decor furniture, custom DJ booths, outdoor giant sized games, specialized lighting and all the production equipment you could ever need. Swing by the showroom and take a tour.